Seven Sayings


Kandi spotted this little guy on our shooting trip today and he was kind enough to pose for several photos for both of us. :)

Marshall had to go to Indiana for the day and so I met Kandi at her house and we took off to have a fun day of shooting. We ended up at Burt’s Farm and had a wonderful time. We haven’t been shooting for fun in a while. We had a blast. We also did a little shopping at the Calhoun Outlet Mall.

Marshall got home before I did, can you believe that? He was exhausted. He and our friend Eddie drove a part up there that Marshall is going to need for his job. Pretty soon he’ll be gone back up there for another two weeks. :(

Seven Things I Say

Something I got from The Homespun Heart. What are seven things YOU say a lot? Leave ’em in my comments or leave me a link to your page so I can see your response. :)

* I love you.
* Lucy!
* Hey Doodle? (to Marshall)
* Thank you, Jesus!
* For cryin’ out loud!
* For Pete’s sake!
* Where’s Lucy?

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One thought on “Seven Sayings

  1. I love you
    Sh*t (but I’m working on breaking myself of that)
    Oh, well…
    Forgive my shortcomings, Father
    Father, thank you for this day
    Be blessed — You’re my blessing
    My _____ aches (blank filled with aging body part du jour)

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