Da Boys


Lucy was five months old yesterday and she didn’t even have a party!  I’m a horrible mommy. I swear, it’s not possible that I could love this dog any more than I do. I’m absolutely crazy about her, but y’all probably know that by now.

As I type this there are 10 boys sitting in my living room. They asked for ribs last week and that’s what they got. Here are a few of ’em at the table:


We SO love having them all here, and wish more would come.  I hope that years down the road they all have wonderful memories of coming here the night before the game. We cook for them, they eat, play football or ummm…what was it they played tonight? Oh yes, “Pocket Tank,” they watch film of their opponent and just generally have a good time.  And as I told you last week, Marshall is in heaven. He loves having them all here. :)

Kandi and I rode out to Dad’s today. I really didn’t feel like going. Kandi is going to build a brochure for Daddy and so she got all of his information and whatnot. I brought Lucy with me and mainly stayed outside with her. I felt like poop the whole time I was there.

It rained a bit here at the house, just enough to water my flowers. We were supposed to get more rain this evening but it hasn’t happened yet.   Our friends, Maryann and Freddy came over and Maryann and I walked up to the empty house up the road. We dug up some spider lilies from that yard (no one has lived there in probably 8 years or more) and planted them in my yard. I sure hope they make it. I love them! They are supposed to be very hardy, so maybe the bulbs will make it.

Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful that we are able to have these boys over at our house. I’m thankful that Cain’s hamstring is healing nicely. I’m thankful that I am a Christian.  :)


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One thought on “Da Boys

  1. I can see attitude all over Lucy’s face! :) With that spread, you have to be those boys’ hero! :) Thank you for reminding me it’s Thankful Thursday. I’ve been so busy lately I’m not making connections to what day it is! BTW – did you get the e-mail I sent? I haven’t a clue what it is, but I thought of you immediately when I saw it.

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