(I keep hitting “Save” and not “Publish” when I write a new post. I’m sure you were all dying for today’s post!)

This is Marshall’s grandmother. Isn’t she absolutely beautiful? She’s the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet. :)

It’s too hot to be fall, doggone it. Luckily the weather is supposed to cool back off later in the week.

I’m getting a chest cold. Everything else feels fine: no stuffy nose, no sore throat, but my chest is killing me. I hope this doesn’t last too long.

Cain will probably not play on Friday. He is going to rehab everyday but he said he tried to jog today and he couldn’t do it. I hate for him NOT to play but I’d rather he didn’t until he’s completely healed. We’ll still be going to the game to support our boys though. :)

I worked on getting photos ready for the show practically all day today. It’s a lot of work, even though I can’t convince my hubby of that. My fellow photographers would agree though. It’s not HARD work, it’s just tedious.

My grandpa came down and visited us today. He has fallen in love with my camera and wanted to come down and get the information about it so he can go by himself one. I printed him off the paper from where I got mine (an online store) and told him to take that to Wolf with him so that he can ask them to match that price. He has been trading with them for about 20 years and I sure hope he tells them to match the price or he’ll just buy it online instead. Wolf is probably $300 or $400 more dollars and won’t come with what the one online does.

Marshall and I watched an old western tonight. It was “Stagecoach” with John Wayne and it was great. We both really, really enjoy the Western Channel on Comcast. What great tv all those old shows and movies were. It’s a shame television is all about T&A these days, ain’t it? I think so…

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  1. What a sweet face!!! Don and I were flipping through TV channels tonight thinking we have all these channels and nothing to watch! We don’t have the Western channel though. I think it’s so cool your grandfather is that interested in photography. I love seeing seniors actively pursuing hobbies.

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